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It's All About You!

Sis, You are at the right place at the right time! Welcome to Divine Coaching.At Divine Coaching, we serve women who aspire to find her true voice.Through empowerment and a focus on strengths, our goal is to help women meet their desired outcomes, personally and professionally, while transforming lives toward a greater sense of self & purpose.

At Divine Coaching, we "empower you to be your best self".Let us join you on your empowerment journey!

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Our Services

The light touch of a life coach

Coaching Program

Clients participate in a 90-Day Coaching Program, "a personal empowerment journey" developed through the

"Be Confident in You Academy".

It's All About You!

Girl Power

Live Training

Tap into your Strengths!

Live Training & Weekly Sessions provide a more personal interaction, understanding and application of resources & tools.

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Empowerment Community

There is nothing like a community that provides a space for transparency, authenticity, sisterhood, motivation and continued empowerment & support. Clients will gain access to a life-long network & community.

Your Partner in the Journey

Dr. Trelaunda "Trollie" Beckett-Jones is a life-strategist, transformational leader & visionary, clinician, and speaker.She is the proud Founder and CEO of TDBJ Enterprises, LLC, the home of TDBJ Consulting, Be Confident in You Academy, and Dr. Trollie Speaks.With over 25 years of experience and a plethora of expertise, including but surely not limited to: leadership, empowerment, education and health & wellness, her passion and willingness to serve others, drives her to empower those she serves to strive to be the best version of themselves as they gain a greater sense of self and purpose. She is a true testimony that anyone can overcome life's obstacles, past/current traumas & experiences and gain an abundant life.

Dr. Beckett-Jones is your partner in the journey!! She will walk with you and be your biggest cheerleader. YOU matter! YOU are the best investment you can make for yourself.Bet on YOU! YOU will be glad you did!

"The only gift is a portion of thyself"-Ralph Waldo Emerson

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TDBJ Enterprises, LLC

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34 Shining Willow Way, #110

La Plata, MD

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(240) 528-0864

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